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Local Support + Cost saving China manufacturing + Sourcing

Seipo has always been focused on developing and manufacturing
innovative products and equipment. We provide full services for
electronics and mechanical devices on:
  • Design & Engineering
  • Prototyping and small pilot run
  • Contract manufacturing in China and Houston
  • China sourcing

Contract manufacturing:
We function as your factory, conforming seamlessly to your needs and your
specifications. Our facilities are referred to as “ghost factories”, meaning we are the
actual producer for certain world-class manufacturers - making global branded
products that are well recognized world wide.

What makes us successful our commitment to quality, responsiveness, and
cost effectiveness.
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Quality - Going beyond ISO-9000, our manufacturing processes are tailored
to satisfy even the most demanding customers - from Japanese
automotive clients, to US  military standard tooling to meeting  strict FDA

Responsiveness - Our appeal is our operating structure – slim, efficient,  AND
communication Our team takes care of our customers - we ensure
customer’s requirements are understood and delivered.  Our attention to
detail avoids costly delays and redesigns. Our process allows you to control
the design and get what you expect, with the shortest lead time possible.

Cost effective - - Designed in USA and made in China-we make it a win-win
because we have established proven, professional team in both the client
side and the manufacturing side. We save from operation management
cost, never from production cost.

And the result – satisfied customers.