5855 CUNNINGHAM ROAD HOUSTON TEXAS 77041   TEL: 832-919-7700  FAX 832-980-5815
Seipo - Who we are:

Seipo Corporation is contract manufacturer with production facilities in
China and headquarters in Houston, USA.  We stride to meet your needs in
initial prototype builds, rapid scale up ramps for initial market launch, and
full-scale manufacturing.  

From our humble beginning in 2005, we now have clienteles from
dozen-employee small businesses to world-renowned international
enterprises. With a full staff of manufacturing and quality engineers,  we
continuously improve quality, delivery,  and customers satisfactory.

Specialized in the classic success model - western innovation
complemented by quality,  responsive, and cost-effective manufacturing
in  China.  We are the right button you need to make this miracle happen.
Why Seipo:

We're dedicated to bring our customer's products to market in first time.
Shortest lead time
Proprietary rapid  tooling technology
reduces lead time to as short as 7 days
Versatile production
Flexible in order quantity
Friendly price
Offshore economical production with
domestic hub in control
5855 Cunningham road, Houston Texas 77041   Tel: 832-919-7700; 832-980-5815 Fax: 832-900-9638
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