Seipo offers unique K-3 rapid tooling capability for both die casting and injection molding. Comparing to conventional tooling, we have successfully reduced the tooling lead time to up to 50%. Still K-3 molds are capable to produce over 30,000 cycles plastic parts while casting parts in thousands of pieces. This is crucial to the success of new product development.

Injection molding plastics:

K3 Rapid Tooling, oversized parts, SMC, Double/Triple-shot molding, Gas assistant injection molding, FDA certificated medical parts

Die Casting specialties:

From complex to oversized precision die cast parts in aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloys

Metal fabrication specialties:

Metal Stamping, Metal Forging, Sheet metal progressive stamping, Metal chem etching

New materials and processes:

Seipo is constantly exploring and testing new territories in leveraging modern manufacturing processes to cater various possibilities to meet or exceed customer expectation: Anodized die cast AL, Translucent metal, metal texturing, Zirconia ceramics