Why Seipo

Overseas contract manufacturing frustration?

Seipo way to help you excel

Quick seamless communication

US and China dual operation allows instant project update any time any where.

Speedy production:

Unique K3 rapid tooling for both injection molding plastics and die casting reduced lead time by 30-50%.

Flexible ordering

Lean and efficient production to support new product development

Specialized in the classic success model - western innovation complemented by quality, responsive, and cost-effective manufacturing in China. We are THE choice to make the project successful.

Seipo has been focusing on supporting new and innovative products development. We have been heavily involved in early product development where we’ve demonstrated our contribution in:

Where we differentiate ourselves?

We function as your factory, conforming seamlessly to your needs and your specifications. Our facilities are referred to as a “shadow factory”, meaning we are the actual producer for certain world-class manufacturers - making global branded products that are well recognized world wide.

Quality - Going beyond ISO-9000, TS16949, our manufacturing processes are tailored to satisfy even the most demanding customers - from Japanese automotive clients, to US military standard tooling to meeting strict FDA standards.

Responsiveness - Our global operating structure – slim, efficient, AND communication allow us with 24x7 access. Our team takes care of our customers - we ensure your requirements are understood and delivered the first time. Our attention to detail avoids costly delays and redesigns. Our process allows you to control the design and get what you expect, with the shortest lead time possible.