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Unique values:

Every corporation wants to save cost without giving up quality, delivery and
control. It is not always an easy task and here is what  Seipo can help:

Speed to market
We leverage our resources and knowledge to bring your new products to
market quicker and cheaper by our expertise in:
  • tooling time reduction from industry conventional 30 days to 7 days.
  • material selections and processing technology to meet the functional
    requirement with least time spent.
  • development and manufacturing technical support to accelerate the
    concept to market process.
  • standard development protocol compliance to speed up the
    development and production
  •  7/24  seamless communications between our customers and
    manufacturing facilities. Ensure drawings, instructions, and orders are
    precisely taken across to avoid delays, overlooks, defects, rework etc.
  • warehousing in Houston for quick domestic delivery upon demand.

Trusted process
We follow standard development protocol:  design development,  
development  validation, process validation, mass production validation.
By understanding and using the proven process in the development and
production, Seipo is able to sync with our customers to produce the best
quality products on schedule. Our experienced team has successfully
delivered a variety of products ranging from FDA certified to US mil-grade

In Control
The No.1 problem in dealing with oversea  manufacturers is
miscommunications resulting in poor quality.
We help our customers in the full control from design to production. We are
the extension of their minds. Our communication hub in Houston is able to
engage with our customers constantly and ensure every single piece of
important information can be precisely passed along and decisions can be
implemented to the production instantly.

We have achieved this from skills in languages & cultures, technical expertise,
off source management,  and failure experience.
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